Calculators and Resources


Refinancing Calculator

Plug your loan information into this student loan refinancing calculator below to see how much you could save by refinancing. 

Federal Loan Consolidation Calculator

Estimate your repayment period, interest rate, and repayment schedule if you consolidate your federal student loans with this federal loan consolidation calculator.


You may be eligible for these other programs, many offered through FAME, that can help you reduce the amount you need to refinance:  

Alfond Leaders

The Alfond Leaders student debt reduction program provides student loan repayment assistance to people who live and work in Maine in a STEM- (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) designated occupation at a Maine-based employer.

Learn more about Alfond Leaders.

Opportunity Maine

The Opportunity Maine Tax Credit reimburses student loan payments for college graduates who live and work in Maine. 

Learn more about Opportunity Maine.

Additional Profession-Specific Loan and Grant Programs

Other FAME-administered education loan and grant programs may be the right fit for you, including some with a loan-forgiveness feature.

Educators for Maine Program
Maine Dental Education Loan Program
Maine Dental Education Loan Repayment Program
Maine Health Professions Loan Program
Maine Veterinary Medicine Loan Program