Gather Your Loan Information

Collect the important information that will help you evaluate whether refinancing your existing student loan debt is the right fit for you. Use this worksheet to put all your information in one place, to help you make your decision about student loan refinancing, and then later to help you complete your loan application.

Here is what you will need for all your loans (private and federal):

  • Lender name, address and phone
  • Your current interest rates, noting whether it is a fixed or variable rate
  • Balance: the total amount you owe on each loan you wish to refinance/consolidate
  • Current monthly payment(s) on each of your student loans
  • Months remaining in the payback of each of your loans
  • Any benefits, including discounts, that initially came with your loan(s)

If you have private loans:

You can find this information by logging into your loan servicer’s website or by checking a recent statement. If you aren’t sure who the servicer is on each of your loans, you can request a free copy of your credit report at Your credit report will include any loan information, including the name of your servicer, which may be a helpful start.

If you have federal loans:

  • You may have the option of including them in your new refinanced or consolidated loan if you choose to do so.
  • Since federal student loans have many benefits not available in private student loans, refinancing or consolidating them with a private loan will eliminate those benefits—like income-based repayment options. To learn more, see below.
  • To access the details on your federal loans, you can go to
  • It is your responsibility to look at each of the loans you currently have and weigh the pros and cons of including them in your new refinanced/consolidated loan.