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FAME’s Managing Your Money

Money means different things to different people. Successful money management can bring independence, new opportunities and a clear path to your goals. Managing Your Money was created to arm you with the tips and tools for building lifelong money management skills. This guide is intended for consumers of any age, and covers everything from tracking your spending, creating (or sticking to) a budget, to saving, and investing for retirement.

Download FAME’s Managing Your Money » to learn more about: setting goals, getting organized, tracking spending, creating a budget, reducing expenses, saving & investing, protecting your identity, reviewing your credit report, managing debt.

Use this helpful Spending Plan worksheet for students or anyone who wants to create a budget.

FAME’s Private Loan Repayment Counseling

This brief course will review all you need to know as you prepare to enter repayment on your educational loans. Completion of this course is the first step toward successful repayment. You will be taken to a third-party website – iGrad – to a FAME financial education module. In order to get started, you will need to log into your existing iGrad account or register if you are a new user to the site.

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FAME’s Student Loan Repayment Resources

Successfully paying back your student loans can help you build good credit and achieve your other financial goals. FAME is here to help you throughout the student loan repayment process, and provides repayment information and debt management solutions to borrowers throughout Maine.

Take me to FAME’s Student Loan Repayment Resources! » to learn more about: student loan repayment, student loan delinquency and default, loan consolidation/refinancing, private loan repayment counseling, and the Alfond Leaders Program (student debt reduction program).